Upcoming Titles

Just for Kicks


A college gymnast falls in love with a scruffy Parkour enthusiast. Can they find a middle ground between her luxury lifestyle and his simple, skateboarding life?
Chapter One

A Cop’s Wife

He saved her from a mugging, but can he save her from herself? Her drive for justice makes her lose sight of everything, including her own happiness.
Chapter One

A Kick to the Teeth

Talulah agrees to living simply with Laszlo. Without resources, without security, can she manage to live a normal, simple life?
Chapter One 

The Reluctant Veterinarian

Hugo and Tib get trapped together in a bank hold up and cling to each other. Their lives become inextricably tangled as they face further challenges and adventures.
Chapter One

Just for Kicks 3

Talulah and Laszlo are settled into their lives together, happy and carefree until Laszlo’s past catches up to them. Will Talulah be able to accept his past?
Chapter One

Her Widower

Ruth Ortiz is in the middle of a messy divorce. She is more than happy to try and right her life without further complications. Until a huge complication walks into the middle of everything.

Just for Kicks 4

Eric Jones has been working for the Reese-Sas family for years. He understands the threats they faced and never imagined he would face the same threats to someone he loves. Can he separate his professional and personal lives?

Le Mort de Grendel

Aoife is the heir presumptive to her father’s earldom. She is a strong and wild and free, but when her home comes under threat of the dread sorcerer Grendel, she will ally with her enemy to win back her homeland.

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