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His sheer strength was comforting. If he was hers, she’d be safe. She could let down her defenses, really let him in.

She moaned again. Her imagination was nothing compared to this. He was fucking her. This wasn’t tender, this wasn’t a slow smolder. This was fucking and she was completely opening herself to it, pulling at him and running her hands over herself, over her breasts again, sliding over her clit again. Her hands all over his body, over his ass, his thighs, his chest and shoulders.

She could hear him groaning rhythmically, bouncing into her as he pulled her to him. He angled her pelvis up, hitting the top of her pelvis and she yelled, a noise she’d never made before, a yell of, “Oh!” as she felt her nipples pop and harden and hold his thighs with all she was good for. He must have gone, because by the time she was coming back up to the surface, he leaned forward and rested his forehead against her collarbone.

He kept his forehead against her collarbone a long minute. She sighed and the relaxation washed over her. She kissed the top of his head.

The overwhelming urge to tell him she loved him washed over her. But she clamped it down. She’d said it enough earlier and she wasn’t going to say it again until it was time, whenever that was. Instead, she held him as tightly as she could, then stroked his hair.

“Are you ok?” she whispered. Today had been a lot, too much, by any reckoning. She kissed his head again and kept stroking his hair.

He slid to the side, keeping his face from her and pulled out, settling against her, his face against her breast.

“We’re safe,” she whispered. “We’re safe and we’re here and together.”

He held her tighter, keeping his face away from her, but kissing her chest, kissing her collarbones and holding her tight. He kissed her one last time, then rose up and went to the bathroom.

She watched his dim shape in the orange light and settled in to the bed. She sighed. The exhaustion she was feeling washed over her again, but the patina of Monte over it was cozy and warm. She smiled and tried to stay awake until he was back in bed, but failed.

Because when's the last time you trembled from delight?

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