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She closed her eyes and rolled her neck. A low, “mmmmm,” purred from her throat.

Not tonight, but she was going to be laying in this bed, Monte over her, his mouth on her breasts. The thought of his warm, wet mouth on her breasts sent a jolt and twitch to her fingers. “Oh God,” she whispered.

She pulled a hand to her breast and rubbed it slowly over her shirt. She couldn’t decide if leaving him asleep would be a success or a disappointment. But she looked over and his face was still. If his eyes were open, she couldn’t tell.

But she brought both hands back and she was back at it. She clenched her muscles, gripping her own fingers tightly. She enjoyed the sensation of it, enjoyed the rhythms of her body and her pleasure. Her hips began to sway and she let them. She didn’t try to stop.

The mouth she had imagined on her breast was suddenly there.

“Oh Jesus!” Her muscles clamped around her fingers and the sudden orgasm shot over and through and around her body. The electricity was coursing over her body. She pulled her hands from herself and wrapped her arms around him, pulling his mouth to hers.

“More? You want more?” he whispered.

She ran a hand down his side and tugged at his underwear. “More.”

“You’re a greedy little thing, Zhu,” he whispered.

She pulled him over her, angling her still throbbing pelvis up to his. She scrabbled at her drawer again for a condom and found it. She put it in his hands then pulled her tank top off while he was rolling it on.

“You want this?” he whispered.

She grabbed his ass and pulled him into her, her body clenching and holding him as closely as possible. How many orgasms was she going to have tonight, because she was almost there again. She was getting tight and hot and still the pulses of electricity were racing through her.

She was exploring his body, the muscles and long lean lines. Strong shoulders and arms over her, his strong tight ass, her hands kneading and exploring.

A release from her mind, nothing but the sensations she was experiencing, nothing but the this very second.

He leaned back, holding her hips, pulling her in high and tight, his hands holding her solidly, taking her and putting her where he wanted.

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Because when's the last time you trembled from delight?

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